Video Projects, Production, and Broadcast

What goes on behind the scenes to make the magic happen? Only the wizard knows for sure.

Video killed the radio star, but technology advancements certainly allow video to dominate out world. My fiddling with video editing began when I was young, with my parents first VCR and camcorder. Tinkering progressed through VHS, S-VHS, and Super8. My profession life brought me to BetaCamSP, digital, and beyond. Editing video has migrated beyond two decks and a sound mixer; now it is all done digitally through amazing products like Adobe Creative Suite, Camtasia, Power Director, and Final Cut Pro.

Live video broadcast has also advanced tremendously from satellite broadcast trucks parked outside, to live streaming video globally across the internet. The largest event for me personally was 1000 simultaneous locations across 22 countries. That was quite a rush that required a lot of planning and rehearsal.

While none of my corporate video projects are shared on my website due to copyright, below are some of my personal projects. If you’d like a private viewing of my corporate portfolio, please drop me a line.