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Scrabble Blitz Tips & Techniques

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To really rack up a major score in Scrabble Blitz, you will need to use your mouse and keyboard. If you just use your mouse to drag your letter tiles onto the board you will never keep up with a large room of serious players.

First to use the mouse keyboard combo, click the mouse where you want to begin your word.

Eventually you will realize to click the side of the box in the direction your word will be played. In other words if the word will play horzontally click the right side of the beginning box. An arrow will show direction.

Once your arrow is showing, just type the letters on your keyboard. They will automatically play from your hand.

At the end of you word, just hit enter or return on your keyboard to submit word. This is far quicker than moving your mouse to the submit button on screen.

This technique will take two or three games to get a really good feel for, but after that you scores will be substanitally improved.

Good luck and enjoy!