.:. Dogfish Head Brewery - Milton, Delaware .:. Summer 2010  .:.


As my friends and I all approached the 40 mark, a few of the guys had wanted to do something special. We had all made a pseudo-pact a few years back to make the pilgrimage to Germany for Oktoberfest. That did not happen. We swallowed our pride and reset our goals a little closer to home, Great American Brewfest in Colorado. Again we could not get our crap together as a team. Eventually my friend and his wife booked the Brewers suite at the Inn at Canal Square in Lewes DE. Before long 4 couples of great friends headed out from 3 different states for a great three days, and a tour of the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton and the Dogfish Head brewpub in Rehoboth.  I am now a Dogfish Head addict - thanks Sam!



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