NetFlix RoadShow with Kevin Smith

Marine Park - Red Bank, New Jersey Aug 8, 2006

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The NetFlix Road Show came to Red Bank, New Jersey for a viewing of Clerks with an open Q&A session with Kevin Smith. Being a fan and living in Red Bank I figured I should show my support, just like when he had open mic night at Count Baise theater a year or so ago. It was loads of fun, the media wrote lots of shit about the evening so there is no need for me to rehash it, however the chick that wanted him to sign her ass so that she could then have his autograph tattooed on her back side is included here in these pictures. Enjoy! 


Many of the original cast were there to sign autographs including "Veronica" the girl who made the number 37 infamous in movie trivia.


Jason Mewes aka Jay was not there, Kevin gave us the BS answer that he felt he needed to to explain Jay's absence, and we'll leave it at that.





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