Boston Red Sox's Fenway Park!

Box - P0005400.jpg
Welcome to Fenway
Trophy - P0005380.jpg
Red Sox World Champions Trophy
DugOut - P0005363.jpg
In The Dugout with "The Team"
Prop - P0005387.jpg
DJ and Wally
DugOut - P0005367.jpg
DJ Calling for Curt Shilling
Wall - P0005390.jpg
The Green Monster
Wall - P0005395.jpg
The Green Monster
Field - P0005376.jpg
Centerfield Triangle at the 420
Field - P0005423.jpg
Fenway Park
Field - P0005422.jpg
Fenway Park
Awards - P0005408.jpg
Cy Young Awards at Fenway
Awards - P0005407.jpg
Cy Young Awards at Fenway
Awards - P0005410.jpg
Yaz Golden Glove Award
Yaz - P0005435.jpg
Yaz Golden Glove Award
Field - P0005412.jpg
Fenway Park
Prop - P0005377.jpg
Oh to be a kid again!
Prop - P0005397.jpg
Clearly a fair ball!
Trophy - P0005381.jpg
Such a Magical Moment
Yaz - P0005432.jpg
Yaz 1969 Uniform
Yaz - P0005433.jpg
Yaz 1967 Uniform
Evans - P0005434.jpg
Dwight Evans Plaque



I had an awesome once in a lifetime opportunity to have full access to Fenway Park at a corporate party sponsored by Microsoft. While I usually opt out of attending corporate parties, being a Red Sox fan my entire life, this was incredible experience. Free booze, free food, all access to Fenway and a concert by Train. It was like all my dreams come true. - DJ





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