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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a familiar proverb that refers to the notion that detailed stories can be told with just a single still image. Here at DJTECH.net you will find volume after volume of great stories and travels as seen via the camera lenses. Enjoy the stories...

I believe that photographs serve a fundamental expression, as they capture and share unique moments in time and pass them on to future generations. Since the beginning of humankind, people have shared detailed stories of their lives through visual expression. These are my journeys …

About DJTECH .:. Your Internet Geek Next Door

This site and its contents are copyrighted property of DJTECH. This site has remained under single ownership since 1997. All the pictures are actual places that my travels have taken me throughout the world. If you'd would like to use any of them please feel free to ask, I also have much higher quality versions of all the pictures. Early pictures were shot on a Kodak-290 digital camera, later photos taken with Canon Rebel or Digital Elph. All web design done in PageMill, FrontPage & manual HTML. Photo editing done in Adobe PhotoShop, PaintShop, and Arles.


I am a 39 year old "kid" from Jersey who spent seven years in the Silicon Valley of California, the place to be in the high tech arena. Originally grew up on the east coast and migrated to the west coast in 1994. During the Silicon Valley years I worked in the high tech computer industry for one of the top firms in the world. What an adrenaline rush! I have since relocated back to Jersey, taking my seven years hardcore computer experience home where it is more appreciated and not taken for granted. 






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